The Society's audited accounts are correct, but an editorial error led to Journal 155 showing a wrong column of figures in the accounts on page 14. Apologies for this. The online and PDF downloadable versions of Journal 155 have now been corrected. The corrected page can be accessed here if you wish to print it to put with your copy of Journal 155, which should reach you soon.

The May 2020 edition of the Society Journal is now available online.  Postal distribution is currently underway. Please login to your membership account to access this Journal.  If you haven't registered your account yet, click on the Register link in the top right corner.

The Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society‚Äôs Research Centre in King Street, Aberdeen is closed until further notice.   Some of our members and volunteers are in the most vulnerable age group and could easily catch the virus from someone showing no symptoms. The safety of our volunteers and members is paramount.  If you wish to contact the society then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Society has recently launched a new Facebook Group which can be found at Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society Facebook Group.  We have had an amazing response so far with over 1,050 people joining within the first week.  People have been sharing their research tips, family information and lots of wonderful photos.  (A few people have even found cousins within the group!)