Old Deer Memorial Inscriptions

The MIs for Old Deer have been a long time in the making  There had been, for many years, an incomplete version among the “draft MIs”, so, in 2019, the mapping was overhauled, and the “Graveyard Outing” was set for Old Deer.

Much useful work was done, but, as ever, there remained a number of loose ends. A particular problem was the large number of horizontal stones which had become heavily covered with moss or lichen, and progress with checking these was slow - although we had unexpected help from an archaeological working party which had just finished a nearby dig. 

Then came Covid, which halted all further work on-site.  But the last checks were eventually made earlier this year, and “The Kirkyard of Old Deer” (catalogue number AA077) is now available, cost £5.00.

A searchable index to the published MIs of Old Deer, and over 130 other burial grounds in North-East Scotland will be found at:

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 - Gavin Bell (MI Co-ordinator) No. 4085






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The Kirkyard of Old Deer Item Code: AA077 - £5.00 plus postage and packing

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