Genealogical Research: Thomas Lorne Innes
Database Development: Joseph J. Innes

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This ancestral database was developed from the genealogical files of the late Thomas Lorne Innes of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They were made available courtesy of his wife and family. The information represents over twenty years of research into the genealogy of Scottish families that bear the name of Innes, and required numerous extended stays in Scotland to access original material in various archives there.

The ancestral data accessed by using one of the four indices below. For the Marital Index please see the help button otherwise click on the links.

Main Line and Connected Branches

Group A contains the Main family line (Innes of Innes) along with other family lines that can be connected to the Main Line (i.e. the branches of the clan). They are identified by the name of the place traditionally considered to be the family seat. Within families children are arranged chronologically, sons first followed by daughters and then any illegitimate children.

Unconnected Families

Group B contains families that have not been connected to the Main Line or to a Branch. Each is identified by the name of the husband and wife (using her family surname) who are the progenitors of the family. Children are listed chronologically but with no separation of sons from daughters. There are a few families in this group that might be connected to Group A families, and this is noted on the affected document.

Marital Index by Innes

This is a master Index covering all the marriages in the database. For each line entry in an index the Innes member of the family, either male or female, is listed first followed by the spouse. If there is a marriage between two Innes cousins with the same surname they are listed individually. On occasion couples appear more than once, either in the same document or in different documents. When this occurs they may or may not be the same individuals.

The index identifies the document number and the page number within the document where a couple appear. To facilitate finding entries within a page the names of an indexed couple are in bold type. For example, William Innes and Margaret Leslie appear in document A-23, page 1.

Marital Index by Spouse

    This is the same as the above index but it is organised in order of the spouses name (surname, first name).

Main Line Connectivity

This index shows the relationship between the various branches stemming from the Main Innes Line.

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Privacy Considerations

For privacy reasons data more recent than 1916 has been excluded. As a result many families may have had issue that do not appear. This follows the “100 year rule” used in Great Britain.



Sources are often identified by an abbreviated entry. Those most used in these files are as follows:

          Burkes PB 1970   Burkes Peerage and Baronetage, 1970 Edition  
          BMD   Statutory records of Births, Marriages, Deaths in General Registry Office, Edinburgh  
          Douglas Peerage   The Peerage of Scotland , 2nd Ed. by Douglas, Sir Robert, 6th Bart. 1694-1770.with continuation by John Philip Wood. Edinburgh:  
          Familie   Ane Account of The Familie of Innes comp. Duncan Forbes of Culloden 1698, Spalding Club 1864  
          House   The House of Innes by Robert Innes-Smith, Derby 1990  
          OPR   Old Parish Register  
          Privy Seal   Registrum Secreti Sigilli Regum Scotorum. The Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland.  
          Recs of Leslie   Historical Records of the Family of Leslie 1067-1868/9 collected from Public Records and Authentic Private Sources by  Col. K.H.Leslie, of Balquhain. 3 vol. Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas 1869  
          Riddell Notebook   The Riddell Papers: A Catalogue of the Annotated Books and M.S. of the late John Riddell, Esq., Advocate. Edinburgh: 1863. Nationa Library of Scotland H.35.d  
          Scots Peerage   The Scots Peerage; founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland  
          SN&Q   Scottish Notes & Queries . Aberdeen: D.Wyllie & Son  
          Spalding Club Misc   The Miscellany of the Spalding Club. 5 vol. Aberdeen: for the Club, 1841-52.  
          T&C   Innes of Toux and Coxton , Sir Thomas Innes of Learney (not published)  

Other abbreviations that are often used in recorded entries include:

  b born
  m married
  d died
  d.s.p. decessit sine prole - died without issue
  bp baptised
  btp both this parish
  s/o Son of
  ls/o legal son of
  d/o daughter of
  ld/o legal daughter of
  dau daughter
  sp spinster
  bach bachelor
  unm unmarried
  res residing in
  min minister
  F.C. free Church
  C of S Church of Scotland
  jny Journeyman
  fr frame on microfilm of Old Parish Register


Database Statistics

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Number of Data Files: 96

Number of Marital-Index Entries: 1631

Number of Printed Pages: 371 (U.S. Letter 8.5” by 11.0”)


The entire database is available for you in in a zipped file here.


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