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Frequent Questions

Q: The login form asks for my password - I have never been given a password.
A: We do not issue you with a password. When you register, you are required to choose your own password. Are you sure that you have registered?

Q: I keep getting "Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet".  I have reset my password but still can't login.
A: Do make sure that you are entering your Membership Number and Password.  Some people find that their browser auto-fills their email address in the Membership Number field.  Please note that we do not fill in any information for you.  If membership number/password fields have information entered, then that is your own web browser that is entering the data.  If you are having problems logging in, make sure that you delete any auto-filled information and replace it with the correct value.

Q: I clicked on the "Forgot your password" link, filled in my email address but received an error message - "Invalid email address".
A: Either you have not yet registered with this website, or you registered with a different email address.

Q: I clicked on the "Forgot your membership number" link, filled in my email address but received an error message - "User not found".
A: Either you have not yet registered with this website, or you registered with a different email address.

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A: Common problems are:

  • Some of your address/details have changed since you last notified us. If this is the case, register with the old details - you can update your details yourself once you have registered.
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  • Are you confusing letter 'O' and digit '0' when typing your postcode?
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