ANESFHS Publications

The Society produces a number of publications of use to people researching the North-East Scotland area.

The society also stocks many Local History books and is the distributor of certain historical books which have an Aberdeen connection.
The Society also stocks a large number of other Family History related publications, including those of all the Scottish Societies, so you can order all your publications needs from the one supplier. These publications are listed in the booklet Family and Local History Publications for Sale which can be downloaded from here.
The current edition (April 2017) mentions special offers on various Census Index publications. Further details of these offers are available here
Some of our printed MI booklets are now also available in Kindle format - Details Herenew

How to Order Publications

Monumental Inscriptions

An ever-increasing list of transcriptions of North-East Scotland graveyards. Each booklet is fully indexed and is complete with a plan of the graveyard. The Booklets record the Memorial Inscriptions within the limits of the named burial ground only, which in most instances is the original parish Kirkyard. Late-19th and 20th century extensions to the burial grounds, and other, later, burial grounds within the parish are not generally included.
 AA102 Aberdour MIs £2.40 105gms
 AA103 Aboyne MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA105 Alford MIs £2.40 70gms
 AA108 Alvah MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA109 Alves (Moray) MIs £2.25 90gms
 AA110 Auchindoir MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA100 Banchory-Devenick MIs
      ...available for Kindle  Banchory-Devenick MIs for Kindle
£3.00 130gms
 AA107 Banchory-Ternan MIs £3.00 115gms
 AA112 Belhelvie MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA113 Birnie MIs £2.25 110gms
 AA104 Birse MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA094 Blairdaff, St John's the Evangelist, St Ninians & The Chapel of Apollinaris MIs £3.00 120gms
 AA106 Botriphnie MIs Parish of Botriphnie, Moray £2.40 105gms
 AA114 Bourtie & Old Meldrum Episcopal MIs £2.40 60gms
 AA115 Braemar MIs Revised & extended edition £3.00 95gms
 AA111 Burghead Old Cemetery (Grant St) MIs. Parish of Duffus, Moray £2.25 60gms
 AA140 Cairnie MIs £2.25 55gms
 AA116 Chapel of Garioch & Logie Durno MIs £3.00 90gms
 AA118 Cluny MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA121 Coull & Migvie MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA117 Cowie MIs (St Mary of the Storms) £2.25 110gms
 AA119 Crathie MIs. £2.25 70gms
 AA120 Crimond with Rattray MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA122 Culsalmond MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA123 Daviot MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA124 Dipple MIs. Parish of Speymouth, Moray £2.25 70gms
 AA195 Doune, Macduff MIs (Parish of Gamrie) £3.00 170gms
 AA125 Drumblade MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA131 Drumoak New Churchyard MIs £2.25 105gms
 AA126 Drumoak Old Churchyard MIs (Dalmaik) £2.25 90gms
 AA127 Dunnottar MIs £2.40 70gms
 AA128 Durris MIs £2.40 50gms
 AA129 Dyce MIs £2.25 110gms
 AA130 Echt MIs £2.40 70gms
 AA170 Echt New Churchyard MIs £2.25 105gms
 AA099 Ellon MIs £3.00 135gms
 AA143 Essil New Cemetery MIs. Parish of Speymouth, Moray £2.25 70gms
 AA144 Essil Old Churchyard MIs. Parish of Speymouth, Moray £2.25 105gms
 AA132 Fetterangus MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA133 Fettercairn MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA084 Fetteresso (St Ciaran's) MIs £7.50 180gms
 AA134 Forglen MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA149 Foveran MIs £2.40 105gms
 AA091 Fraserburgh Kirkton (Old Ground) MIs £3.00 140gms
 AA136 Fyvie MIs
      ...available for Kindle  Fyvie MIs for Kindle
£3.00 120gms
 AA198 Gartly MIs £2.40 95gms
 AA138 Glen Muick, Glen Tanar & Kirkton of Aboyne MIs
      ...available for Kindle  Aboyne etc MIs for Kindle
£2.40 80gms
 AA137 Glenbervie MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA139 Hatton of Fintray MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA088 Hillhead Cemetery (Portknockie) MIs Parts 1 & 2 Sold as set of 2 parts £9.00 240gms
 AA092 Insch MIs £3.00 90gms
 AA142 Inverkeithny MIs £2.25 60gms
 AA145 John Knox (Aberdeen) MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA146 Keig MIs £2.25 110gms
 AA147 Keithhall & Kinkell MIs £2.40 60gms
 AA080 Kildrummy MIs £3.00 120gms
 AA148 Kincardine O'Neil MIs £2.40 70gms
 AA196 Kinellar MIs £2.40 95gms
 AA150 King Edward MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA151 Kinneddar (Drainie) MIs £2.25 110gms
 AA193 Kinneff & Catterline MIs (including St Philip's Episcopal) £2.40 90gms
 AA096 Kinnernie MIs £2.40 60gms
 AA197 Kintore MIs £3.00 160gms
 AA087 Leochel-Cushnie MIs (Kirkyards of Leochel St Marnoch, Cushnie St Giles & Leochel-Cushnie) £3.60 110gms
 AA154 Leslie MIs £2.25 60gms
 AA153 Lhanbryde Old Churchyard & New Cemetery MIs. Parish of St Andrews-Lhanbryde, Moray £2.25 90gms
 AA093 Logie Buchan & Newburgh Holyrood MIs £3.00 90gms
 AA155 Logie Mar & Coldstone MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA175 Lonmay MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA086 Lonmay New Kirkyard MIs £3.00 100gms
 AA101 Lower Donside Burial Grounds MIs Dyce; Fintray; Newhills; Newmachar; Old Machar Also Skene Enclosure; St Giles & St Meddans; Stoneywood Chapel; Monykebbock; Cassie's Howff; Snow Kirk £3.00 110gms
 AA089 Lumphanan MIs (Kirkyards of St Finnan's & Stothert) £3.00 90gms
 AA160 Marnoch MIs £2.25 100gms
 AA168 Marnoch Pt 2 MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA161 Marykirk MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA163 Methlick MIs £2.40 90gms
 AA158 Michael Kirk MIs (at Gordonstoun School). Parish of Drainie, Moray £2.25 50gms
 AA159 Midmar MIs £2.40 70gms
 AA162 Millbrex & Woodhead of Fyvie MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA164 Monymusk MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA165 New Deer MIs £2.40 90gms
 AA171 New Pitsligo MIs Parish of Tyrie £3.00 140gms
 AA166 Newhills MIs £2.40 90gms
 AA167 Newmachar MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA081 Oldmeldrum (1891 extension) MIs £7.50 150gms
 AA169 Oldmeldrum MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA199 Oyne MIs £2.40 95gms
 AA172 Peathill MIs £2.25 90gms
 AA178 Peterculter Cemetery MIs £2.25 105gms
 AA174 Peterculter MIs £3.00 110gms
 AA194 Pluscarden, Vale of, MIs & War Memorial £2.25 80gms
 AA179 Portlethen MIs. Parish of Banchory-Devenick £2.40 115gms
 AA097 Portsoy Cemetery (Parish of Fordyce) MIs. Parts 1 & 2 Done by ANESFHS & Salmon Bothy, Portsoy. Sold as set of 2 parts £6.00 190gms
 AA098 Portsoy Old Burial Ground MIs £2.40 90gms
 AA177 Rathen MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA176 Rayne, Kirkton of, MIs £2.40 100gms
 AA180 Rhynie MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA152 Skene, Kirkton of, MIs £3.00 110gms
 AA135 Spynie Churchyard, MIs. Parish of New Spynie, Moray £2.25 105gms
 AA182 St Andrews Kirkhill (Lhanbryde) & Blackhills (near Lhanbryde) MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA183 St Clements (Aberdeen) MIs £7.50 180gms
 AA184 St Combs, Lonmay, MIs £2.25 90gms
 AA095 St Devenick-on-the-Hill MIs (Parish of Banchory Devenick)
      ...available for Kindle  St Devenick-on-the-Hill MIs for Kindle
£2.40 80gms
 AA156 St Fittick's (Nigg) MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA181 St John's, Gamrie, MIs
      ...available for Kindle  St Johns, Gamrie, MIs for Kindle
£3.00 105gms
 AA090 St Machar's Cathedral MIs. Parts 1-4 Sold as set. £13.50 480gms
 AA185 Strachan MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA187 Tarland MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA186 Tarves MIs £3.60 110gms
 AA188 Tough MIs £2.40 90gms
 AA191 Towie MIs £2.40 65gms
 AA157 Tullich MIs £2.40 80gms
 AA189 Turriff MIs £2.25 110gms
 AA190 Tyrie MIs £2.25 70gms
 AA192 Udny MIs £2.25 80gms
 AA173 Urquhart New Cemetery & Innes House Burial Ground MIs. Parish of Urquhart, Moray £2.25 80gms
 AA141 Urquhart Old Churchyard MIs. Parish of Urquhart, Moray £2.25 150gms


Census lists and census indexes
 AA230 Craig near Montrose 1788, with description of 1791 £2.25 90gms
 AA221 Huntly (Parish & Town): name index to 1851 Census Price Reduced £2.50 240gms
 AA240 Peterhead Parish 1801: census material From the private records of Rev. George Moir - July 1801 £3.50 180gms

Aberdeenshire Poll Book 1696

These extracts from the List of Pollable Persons in the Shire of Aberdeen, 1696 are an important and unique record for those who have traced their ancestry back to the early 1700s. Each booklet is indexed with a map.
 AA308 Aberdeen & Freedom Lands Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA316 Aberdour & Tyrie Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA305 Alford, Forbes & Tullynessle Poll Book 1696 £2.25 90gms
 AA324 Auchredie (New Deer) Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA310 Belhelvie & New Machar Poll Book 1696 £2.25 90gms
 AA312 Clatt & Kinnethmond Poll Book 1696 £2.25 90gms
 AA313 Coull & Lumphanan Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA327 Crathie & Braemar (Kindrocht) Poll Book 1696 £2.25 70gms
 AA314 Cruden Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA347 Daviot, Bethelnie & Bourtie Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA359 Drumblade & Forgue Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA332 Drumoak, Peterculter & half Banchory Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA336 Dyce, Fintray & Newhills Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA335 Ellon Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA388 Foveran & Udny Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA340 Fraserburgh & Pitsligo Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA337 Fyvie Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA339 Glen Tanar, Aboyne & Birse Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA342 Glenbucket, Cabrach & Invernochtie (Strathdon) Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA341 Insch, Culsalmond & Rayne Poll Book 1696 £2.25 85gms
 AA366 Kearn, Kildrummy & Auchindoir Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA350 Keithhall, Kinkell & Kintore Poll Book 1696 £2.25 85gms
 AA345 Kemney & Monymusk Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA365 Kincardine O'Neil & Cluny Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA346 King Edward & Monquhitter Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA351 Leslie, Premnay & Oyne Poll Book 1696 £2.25 90gms
 AA352 Lochel, Cushney & Kinbetach (Towie) Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA348 Logie Durno & Inverurie Poll Book 1696 £2.25 105gms
 AA349 Lonmay & Crimond Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA353 Midmar, Kinnernie & Echt Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA356 Old Deer & Longside Poll Book 1696 £2.25 140gms
 AA358 Old Machar & Old Toun Aberdeen Poll Book 1696 £2.25 105gms
 AA364 Peterhead Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA372 Rathen & Strichen Poll Book 1696 £2.25 80gms
 AA378 Skene & Kinellar Poll Book 1696 £2.25 70gms
 AA360 Slains & Logie Buchan Poll Book 1696 £2.25 90gms
 AA381 Strathbogie Poll Book 1696 Vol 1: Dumbennan, Gartly, Rhynie & Essie £2.25 90gms
 AA382 Strathbogie Poll Book 1696 Vol 2: Glass, Kinnoir & Ruthven / Botarie £2.25 90gms
 AA368 Tarland, Migvie, Logiemar & Coldstone Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA355 Tarves & Methlick Poll Book 1696 £2.25 100gms
 AA389 Touch (Tough) & Keig Poll Book 1696 £2.25 70gms
 AA367 Tullich, Glengairdine & Glenmuick Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms
 AA390 Turriff & Auchterless Poll Book 1696 £2.25 110gms

Church History

Books dealing with local church history and church records
 AA430 30 Years at Portlethen: day book 1840-1869 of the Rev. William Low. £4.80 240gms
 AA420 Free St Clements Aberdeen 1843-59. £2.25 130gms
 AA425 Grange Kirk Session Records 1694-1702. Transcription with indexes of names & places £5.10 320gms
 AA426 Grange Kirk Session Records 1703-1710. Transcription with indexes of names & places £5.10 330gms
 AA450 Maryculter, Kincardineshire: Church of Scotland Parish Registers 1696-1855. Facsimile transcription with indexes, glossary & notes. £9.00 110gms
 AA410 Membership Roll Frederick Street Congregational Chapel Aberdeen 1807-1859 £2.25 110gms
 AA441 St Clements Parish Vol 1 £2.25 100gms


 AA556 Aberdeen Female Teachers pre-1872: a biographical list £6.00 170gms
 AA511 Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Deaths Recorded Vol 1: 1743-1822. £4.50 210gms
 AA512 Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Deaths Recorded Vol 2: 1838-1855. £4.50 260gms
 AA513 Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Deaths Recorded Vol 3: 1855-1870. £4.50 230gms
 AA514 Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Deaths Recorded Vol 4: 1870-1897. £4.50 240gms
 AA555 Aberdeen School Board Female Teachers 1872-1901: a biographical list £6.00 255gms
 AA508 Alexander Kerr of Menie (c1664-1730) an account of the Life & Times of an Aberdeen Merchant & small Landowner; and The Smiths of Inveramsay (c1600-1810) £9.00 360gms
 AA516 Alexanders of Bourtie, 1696-1886: a family history journey Very comprehensive study of this family in an Aberdeenshire parish; includes transcription, index & analysis of the 1851 census for the parish. £7.50 130gms
 AA521 Banchory War Memorial £7.50 310gms
 AA518 Black Kalendar of Aberdeen: 1746-1878. Victims & perpetrators of crime. £2.25 80gms
 AA519 Bridewell Prison: the history of Aberdeen's forgotten jail. £3.75 210gms
 AA525 Causey (1853-1946): the life of George Alexander & his family at Causeyport farm, Portlethen £6.00 260gms
 AA524 Clock & Watchmakers of Aberdeen & NE Scotland 1453-1900 £3.60 110gms
 AA505 Diary of Robert Lees: early 19th Century Life in Old Stonehaven £6.00 230gms
 AA545 Dyce: historical miscellany of an Aberdeenshire Parish £3.30 110gms
 AA530 Emigrant Scots: Ships' manifests in Canadian Archives pre 1900. £4.20 250gms
 AA535 Family Record Workbook to record your family research £4.00 160gms
 AA536 Fishing out of Peterhead: Transcript of talk by AR Buchan to ANESFHS, Nov. 1988 £2.25 50gms
 AA533 From Elgin to the Far East: John Cumming, Ship Master 1805-1856. £9.00 300gms
 AA537 Gaitherins fae Annie's Kist: a selection of poems & sayings from the Buchan area of NE Scotland £3.00 80gms
 AA538 Gourdon: a brief History of the Village & its People 1500-1800 £7.50 360gms
 AA540 Gregor Willox, Warlock of Kirkmichael 175?-1833. £5.00 260gms
 AA547 Hands Across the Water - Emigration from Northern Scotland. Proceedings of the 6th SAFHS Annual Conf. 1995 £2.40 110gms
 AA509 James Jopp: a Man of Compassion 1795-1872 - Relieving Officer & Registrar of Births & Deaths for the City of London £7.50 210gms
 AA517 John Philip Edmond - Bookbinder, Librarian & Bibliographer of Aberdeen 1850-1906: a short biography £6.00 170gms
 AA560 Leaves of a Tree. (Vols 2 and 3 now OP) £2.25 130gms
 AA510 Letters from Regency Scotland. Main correspondents: Dr G Barclay of Auchterless & Aberdeen (d.1819); his wife Emma (d.8137); & her father Walter Berry of Edinburgh (d.1833) Copious notes, index, biog. detail. For commentary on letters, see "With Advantage & Pleasure" by NJ Mills (LP136) £7.50 115gms
 AA562 Letters from the Glen: Glen Clunie, Braemar, Scotland 1839-1871 £6.75 500gms
 AA561 Maryculter in the 18th Century: Lairds, Kirk & People in a Lower Deeside Parish £3.75 190gms
 AA565 Melvin Family Story 1750-1900s: Ellon, Bourtie & Keithhall. £5.40 240gms
 AA564 Men of Lower Deeside of Military Age in 1798. £3.75 170gms
 AA527 Middletons of Birse History of a family in south Deeside parish £9.00 240gms
 AA567 My Buchan Heritage: Alexander, Massie, Cruickshank, Greig, Robertson - a family history £3.75 180gms
 AA575 Pittyvaich: the History of an old Mortlach Farm £4.50 300gms
 AA576 Road to Charleston, Nigg £3.00 100gms
 AA580 Roll of Inhabitants of Aberdeen in 1795: those qualified to elect or be elected Commissioners £3.75 140gms
 AA585 Shaw Family History. Descendants of William Shaw, mason, who married Margaret Steinson in Keith on 24th Jan 1796. £3.75 190gms
 AA583 Sims of Gourdas: Thomas, George & William Sim from Fyvie 1834-1916 £5.40 500gms
 AA541 Strands of Seaweed: the Story of a Ross Family in Aberdeen £6.00 170gms
 AA592 Walking backwards in Rhynie - memories of the Village & of the Folk who lived there in days gone by. £4.50 360gms
 AA590 Walter MacFarlane, Clan Chief & Antiquary. £2.25 130gms

Other Items

 AA620 Calendar - perpetual £0.40 40gms
 AA625 Coaster PRICE REDUCED £1.00 65gms
 AA610 Mouse Mat 7.75" x 9.4". Society name, logo & premises photo on pale blue background, black border. PRICE REDUCED £2.50 90gms