Book Selection: Beginning Your Family History

Our annual Beginners’ Meeting was held online in January 2021, with presentations aimed at beginners and near-beginners.  The following booklist may be of help as you start your exciting journey into researching your family history.  Or maybe you have picked up your interest again after a gap of several years, and want to refresh your skills and knowledge?



aa535The Family Record (H. Craig)

This book is a MUST for anyone beginning their research (and for those who jot things down on pieces of paper which they then can’t find!).  It helps you to record all the essential information for each ancestor you find – birth/marriage/death certificates, census returns (occupations/addresses/etc.) and other notes.  It also helps you realise what is missing from your information!!

It is one of our best sellers and is used and recommended by the Scotland’s People Centre and by other Family History Societies.

Price: £4

Code: AA535 Weight: 160g




gs045Tracing Your Scottish Family History 

This book gives you an expert helping hand in retracing your family’s past.  Intrigued about who your ancestors were?  Want to learn more about which part of Scotland you originate from, or what sort of lives your family led years ago, be it in the Highlands, or Aberdeen, or Edinburgh, or the Borders?

Whether you have some idea of how and where your ancestors lived, or whether you are at a total loss about how to start your search, renowned genealogist Anthony Adolph shows you how to unravel your family history, generation by generation.  Peppering his text are compelling, humorous and often moving stories that illustrate what others have found out on their journey.

Price: £17·99

Code GS045 Weight: 990g



na045Researching Scottish Graveyards (Bruce Bishop)

There are many aspects to a Scottish graveyard, be it an old churchyard, a rural burial ground or an urban cemetery.  Each one has its own characteristics, and the history of many such sites can give a valuable insight into the local area and the people who lived there.  Inscriptions on tombstones often reveal other members of the family who died outwith the area.

Price: £4·50

Code: NA045 Weight: 90g





gr017Discover Scottish Church Records (Chris Paton)

In this detailed guide to the history and records of the various churches in Scotland prior to 1855 when civil registration began, there is a description of the records available, how to interpret them and where to find them.

Price: £12·50

Code: GR017 Weight: 120g






na040A Scottish Historian’s Glossary (L. R. Burness)

This fascinating little book is a dictionary of Scots words (often forgotten today) which appear in historical documents and certificates.  Essential reference if you want to understand what you’re reading!

Price: £4·50

Code: NA040 Weight: 80g





gc103Scottish Clans and Tartans (I. Grimble)

This beautifully illustrated little book gives a definitive guide to the various tartans, their history, where they originated and how they evolved.  This book will be very popular with exiled Scots who may have forgotten their clan heritage!

Price: £5·99

Code: GC103 Weight: 360g





gs085Researching Scottish Family History

Another fascinating and informative book by Chris Paton, in which he covers many resources for family history, from OPRs to wills, Mormons to DNA.  He also lists the regional archives, as well as Family History Societies and how they can be contacted.

Price: £7·95

Code: GS085 Weight: 260g





Once you have managed to find out more information about your family from census returns etc., we have two ranges of fascinating books about specific occupations and geographical areas.


My Ancestor was …

The Society of Genealogists has published a comprehensive series of books relating to various occupations.  It ranges from Agricultural Labourers … Freemasons … Merchant Seamen … Lawyers … through to Criminals.


Tracing Your … Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

Some of these books deal likewise with various occupations, while others cover geographical localities, ranging from London … Yorkshire … Ayrshire … to areas of Ireland.



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In addition to the above title, check out our online Publications List which has a wide range of family and local history titles particularly relating to Aberdeen and the North-East.

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