The Alexanders of Bourtie 1696-1886:

a family history journey

by Ian G. Macdonald

Cover photo Alexanders of Bourtie CD


Of the 6 files of information on this CD, the first – which won the Bruce Henderson Award of the ANESFHS for a work of local family history - relates to the Alexander family on the Barra estate in Bourtie parish from William, tenant farmer at the turn of the eighteenth century to 1886 when the last of the direct line left for USA.  Listed in detail here and in the second file are the author's research means and sources used such as birth records, census indexes, parish survey, monumental inscriptions etc. with extensive use of the internet. Maps, photos and population figures are provided.

Subsequent files give an inventory of William’s holdings and possessions in 1763 when he died and of two other notable Alexanders: George in 1839 and Helen in 1856. The 6th file provides a comprehensive survey of the parish in 1851.

The last (7th) file lists the winners of the Bruce Henderson Award which was established in memory of a much esteemed chairman of the Society who had a wide knowledge of family and local history.

The files, in PDF format, should be viewed with Adobe Reader.








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